Friday, November 28, 2014

Biggest Knuckleheads

A few years back in 2010 WWE Studios' latest direct-to-video movie was Knucklehead, a family comedy headlined by WWE superstar, The Big Show. Some retailers shipped the film in a double pack with a bonus WWE Home Video disc which is the entry for this blog, called Biggest Knuckleheads. I did not purchase this double pack, but a friend of mine did who recently sold off most of his wrestling video collection and this was one of the ones I picked up from him.

As for the film Knucklehead, I did eventually watch it on Netflix, and it is more of the usual dreck from WWE Studios that is rather intolerable to watch, minus a few moments that got a slight chuckle out of me. Biggest Knuckleheads focuses on a lot of WWE's trademark style of comedy over the years, most of which is pretty groan inducing and embarrassing if I get caught watching by a non-wrestling fan friend. Luckily, a decent chunk of the sketches and moments on this disc are not that gut-wrenching, and there were a few classic moments to get some decent laughs out of.

Biggest Knuckleheads is only an hour long, so it is a quick watch and there was only so much material WWE could put on in that time. The biggest waist is the time they spend on DX, now DX did have some funny moments over the years, but here they decide to include the entire 5-on-2 handicap match from Saturday Night's Main Event where they squash and kill the careers of the ill-fated Spirit Squad faction. That match takes up nearly a quarter of the DVD, thanks Triple H!

Love him or hate him, Hornswoggle has been an institution for WWE comedy since he debuted way back in 2006 as The Little Bastard. I would almost pay money for a two-disc best of Hornswoggle set filled with classic moments of our favorite leprechaun. I will always remember him being revealed as McMahon's illegitimate son and the anonymous RAW GM, being Chavo Guerrero's ultimate nemesis, little people's court with DX, his long-coming heel turn with Three Man Band, and his unforgettable run as the last Cruiserweight champion. Hornswoggle has been involved in a lot of crap moments, but he has had some legit funny ones too, so it was too bad to see him delegated to a quick two minute montage of some of his antics here; at least he made the cover of the box art and of one of his matches with Chavo made the cut.

Santino Marella has been another staple of WWE "comedy" for the last several years until he retired earlier this year. I prefer more of Hornswoggle's comedic antics over Santino's, so I was not disappointed that he also got the two-minute montage treatment, most of which was him getting beat up by Divas that I completely forgot were employed by WWE. Another disappointing recurring part of this DVD is whenever Biggest Knuckleheads cuts to an interview clip with Matt Striker or Todd Grisham. 2010 was part of a several year stretch where all WWE announcers when interviewed on documentaries were instructed to act like seven-year-old goofballs, and that is what we got here, Josh Matthews also joins in on the fun with painfully corny jokes throughout as he teams up with The Big Show to host the DVD.

There are a some other random older sketches on here, some that work, some that do not. A montage of The Rock embarrassing several WWE announcers in his priceless backstage interviews were included to my delight, while an awful old Bushwackers and "Mean" Gene Okerlund grill out segment was here in its entirety to my distraught. I was never a hardcore fan of the Mean Street Posse, but seeing Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe destroy them in a "match" got a hearty laugh out of me. I was surprised and elated to see them include the classic "Man of 1004 Holds" promo from Chris Jericho, ditto with a montage of moments from the best of the underrated Steve Blackman/Al Snow duo known as Head Cheese.

Ultimately, this is only an hour long when it could have been so much more. Hopefully WWE will one day do some kind of multiple disc set chock-full of their vintage comedy. It seems they are already scraping the barrel with themes from their latest DVDs of the last few years, so I foresee it being just around the corner. I would not recommend tracking down Biggest Knuckleheads online for some ridiculous amount online since it was only part of a limited Knucklehead pack-in promotion, but if you happen to run across it on the cheap at a pawn shop then by all mean get ready to laugh!

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