Thursday, February 4, 2016

RvBX Bonus Discs

Last month I finished covering the last season included in the RvBX BluRay set. There are still more redvsblue seasons that hit video after RvBX was released so look forward to blogs on those in the coming months! However, much like after I wrapped up my Star Trek line of blogs with an entry dedicated to bonus discs included in the BluRay sets, I will do the same here with a blog for the bonus discs included in the RvBX set.

Four of the 14 discs in RvBX are dedicated to bonus material. I already covered two of them way back in my blog for season four that was dedicated to both Grifball mini-series. The two bonus discs I am covering today highlight miscellaneous Rooster Teeth videos and another disc is filled with behind-the-scenes interviews.

The first disc I am covering, labeled disc 11 on the set, is filled with Rooster Teeth videos all making their home video debut. The menus are split up with “red team” and “blue team” menus, or you can enter the “command” for an alphabetical listing of them all. As I watched these videos I had some memories of a few of them from way back when I was a paid sponsor of Rooster Teeth which gained you access to a page filled with a bunch of exclusive video for sponsors. Focusing on the “red team” videos, there are a lot of old promotional videos hyping up Halo 2 and Halo 3. I got a kick reliving these as the redvsblue crew shilled how awesome Forge mode was, ran over the changes from the classic “Blood Gulch” map being remade into “Coagulation” and being bummed out that the pistol got nerfed and the Scorpion and Warthog were no longer indestructible. There are also a ton of exclusive convention videos on here, which are a bunch of quick videos that at the time were only exclusive to those particular convention attendees.

The “blue team” side of the bonus disc kicks off with the Recovery One mini-series that lasts 16 minutes. I already covered this since it was included as a bonus on the season six BluRay, but new on this disc is commentary from the Rooster Teeth crew on the mini-series. Next up are a smattering of the initial Rooster Teeth videos, including the infamous MacSwitch video from 2002 that featured Gus Sorola bragging about the superiority of gaming on a Mac. I had no idea Rooster Teeth was tight with the band, Bare Naked Ladies, and there are some awesome videos on here talking about how they collaborated for some exclusive redvsblue concert videos and how lead singer Ed Robertson came on board to voice the recurring character, Captain Flowers.

There are also some unearthed archived clips of them up to no good travelling to the San Diego ComiCon and their very first voice recording session. The “blue team” side of the disc wraps with some community themed videos including the very first RvB episode redone in LEGO animation, a montage of Q&A highlights and a music video. All told, the red and blue team sides combine for nearly two and a half hours of extra features of which there is a lot of entertaining bonus content on this first disc and very little came off as filler.

The second disc kicks off with a documentary about life behind-the-scenes at Rooster Teeth. It clocks in at nearly 40 minutes and interviews a lot of the talent over at Rooster Teeth. If you are not familiar with their history than this documentary is must-see as they talk about getting started and dealing with their rapid success, how they grew from an at-home operation and moved into an office, the pros and cons of the convention atmosphere and reflecting on being in business for over ten years.

Additional content on this second bonus disc is more extras pertaining to season 10 of RvB that did not make its way on the season 10 disc such as the deleted scenes and outtakes that are usually on the individual season discs but oddly exclusive to this bonus disc. Also on here are a few interviews with the animators going into detail about how they wanted to improve the already exquisite custom CG animation sequences by showing a few motion capture sessions and comparing them to the final product. Another cool season 10 extra worth checking out is Burnie Burns explaining how excited he was to get the cast all together in a room for the first time ever in the form of a live table read.

The final chunk of extras on the second bonus disc is interviews with the three musicians who composed music for RvB. There is a lengthy interview between Burnie Burns with Trocadero who has been composing for Rooster Teeth since nearly the beginning. You can tell Trocadero are passionate and proud of their work as they explain how they hooked up with Rooster Teeth and compare themselves to Limp Bizkit and run down their favorite musical moments of the series. The second interview on here is with Jeff Williams. He did not come on board until season eight, but he still has a lot to tell about how his mix of rock and rap contributed to the score and were a welcomed addition to the sound of RvB. The extras of disc 12 of the RvBX set clock in at a little over an hour and a half, and much like the extras on the first disc a lot of them are must-see material, so if you are a big fan of the series and want to know more about the production side of things and the history of Rooster Teeth then these discs are absolutely worth going out of your way to consume.

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