Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ultimate Fan Pack: Roman Reigns

On this blog before I have made past references to how my friend Matt and I both have a tradition of intentionally ‘gifting’ each other movies we know we will despise. This past Christmas Matt did not disappoint and delivered big time with WWE’s first DVD dedicated solely to their roster’s biggest douchebag, Roman Reigns. This DVD is not your traditional full blown WWE Home Video release. As you can see in the picture, it is a pack-in with a Roman Reigns action figure and official Roman Reigns biker glove. The DVD is titled Ultimate Fan Pack: Roman Reigns (trailer).

Since this DVD is just a simple pack in, it does not get the standard WWE DVD treatment. Instead of the standard size DVD case, the Ultimate Fan Pack is just a simple cardboard, fold-over sleeve that I have seen other past promotional DVDs or video game demo discs usually come in. The main menu is just a still graphic with only a ‘play all’ option. Most other WWE DVDs have animated menus with background music, the ability to pick a match to instantly jump to and subtitles for the commentary, all three are absent in this budget release. Also absent is the WWE Home Video ID number, which is usually found on the spine of WWE’s BluRays and DVDs. It is like WWE does not want to recognize the Roman Reigns Ultimate Fan Pack DVD as on official release. I do not blame them, after all take a look at that cover art where Reigns has his trademark grimace on his face where he looks like he is about to pop out of your TV, knock you out and steal your girlfriend all while Michael Cole is screaming, “Here comes the Big Dawwwwg” in the background.

The only thing that can be considered a positive is that I did not suffer terribly long as this DVD has a runtime just under 68 minutes. It consists of only five matches from early 2013 to early 2015. The first bout was when people kind of dug Reigns as the heavy for The Shield where him and Seth Rollins won the tag team titles from Daniel Bryan & Kane at Extreme Rules 2013. I forgot how much I enjoyed Team Hell No as this match was near the end of their successful run as a tag team and you could tell they were clicking and having fun out there. The next match was from an episode of Smackdown later that year where Reigns faced off against my favorite big man, Mark Henry. Henry is at that gatekeeper stage of his career to put over other up and coming talent and successfully elevate them up the card. He did that here against Reigns, just like he did against Braun Strowman on RAW a couple weeks ago.

From 2014 there is a battle royal from an episode of RAW, and guess who wins? That aside, what I was more intrigued in was the participants and who is not with the company anymore and how others have significantly changed since then. All three New Day members are in the battle royal in their personas before they started teaming for example. The oddball match of the DVD is from a Smackdown later in 2014 where Reigns goes up against Bray Wyatt and the match is thrown out after Luke Harper & Erik Rowan interfere just a few minutes in. I am guessing Reigns did not handpick this selection of matches, with the exception of this final match just so he could troll us all because it is his 2015 Fast Lane victory against Daniel Bryan. I had to indulge this awful Daniel Bryan loss already on his BluRay, and I had to shake my head just as much again after witnessing this outcome. For what it is worth, it is Reigns’ most watch-able match, but we all know who to thank for that.

Unless you have a kiddo that is a diehard Roman Reigns fan, avoid the Ultimate Fan Pack: Roman Reigns DVD at all costs! If I had to make my own ultimate fan one hour Roman Reigns DVD, I would have the only match be Roman getting obliterated by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. The rest of the hour would just be this fun facts video, this Reigns botch montage, and him stumbling over his awful promos that consisted of references to Looney Toones and Jack and the Beanstalk. That one hour DVD would be vastly superior to this pile of trash, believe that!

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