Monday, February 10, 2014


I debated back and fourth on what to do a blog for 2014. I had no idea what I was in for last year when I blogged about my quest to conquer 13 resolutions for 2013. I hate to break it to you, but I am not going to be so daring and attempt 14 for 2014. I have a few personal goals I would like to achieve, and I will do just that and keep them personal this time around.

Looking back at the traffic for the 2013 blogs, the entries that attracted the most attention were my blogs about all the Clint Eastwood movies I covered. It felt great knocking out a bunch of movies out of my backlog, and I still have a box full of movies I have yet to watch (at least since buying the video, some of my collection I have caught only at the theater, or upgraded to the BluRay and have yet to view) so I am going forward to going to a themed blog around catching up on my home video backlog. I will write a blog as I watch a movie, and will do my best to blog at least one entry each under three different categories.

The three categories will go as follows

Star Trek - I recently acquire all 12 Star Trek films on BluRay, oh look, there are 12 months in a year, this could not work out any better!

Wrestling/MMA - I possess way too many wrestling/MMA videos, trying to pick away at least one per month is a great way to catch up.

All other movies - There are about 40ish random movies I have not bought since purchasing, so I will knock out one per month to pluck away at this pile, ideally two per month would work out better, but let's not get too ambitious.

I am expecting this sentence to be a lie, but I plan on most blogs not to be terribly long, hopefully just 200-300 words at most, but we shall see. I do not consider myself a film expert, just a general fan of movies. I intentionally avoid sites like Rotten Tomatoes so I can go into a film a plan on seeing with an open mind. I do no go out of my way online to see as many previews/trailers as possible because most of them usually give away so much of the movie nowadays. I only pay attention to general buzz of what friends, family and Twitter recommends.

You may notice the date and see I am a month behind, well, I already watched three movies in January that fit this criteria, so I will make haste and try to write up those entries within the next few days. Thanks for joining me on this ride, hopefully I will manage to keep up!

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